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iOS and the iPhones that are made now by tim cook are restrictive and spying on you and overpriced and expensive. It is a pain to get jailbreaking working and there are many fake jailbreaks out there. iPhones and iOS won't let you boot any other OS like Android, they won't let you dual boot! I don't know why people love iPhones so much, just get an Android phone come on cause apple don't care about its customers and its support is horrible!

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I chose to stick to iOS 8.4.1 forever. I don't really understand why Apple keeps changing the interface of iOS every single update. On iPhones, the bootloader will only run Apple-signed software.

Basically, iOS is as locked down as locked down can be, if you don't jailbreak it. Even then, jailbreaking has been pretty difficult. On the iOS version I am on, there's no jailbreak for my 64-bit device as of this writing.

Honestly, I would jump to LineageOS or some similar open source mobile OS if I could.

I give it 2 stars because the interface does look least for iOS 8.