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Software Used in Mr. Robot

Software used by the hackers in the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning drama/thriller series Mr. Robot. THIS LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS UP TO AND INCLUDING SEASON 3, EPISODE 10!

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Updated web browsers for Windows XP

With version 50, Google Chrome ended support for Windows XP , but there are still a lot of XP users. This is a list of alternative browsers that still support XP.

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Desktop Browsers

Desktop browsers that I have tried and tested.

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How to live without Google

For many the Internet is Google: Search, mail, videos, web browser, cloud services, mobile OS, etc. - Google is the major player in all these fields.

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Naarcissus i5 Installed

Most of the Applications I currently have installed.

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GNU/Linux Mint Essential

This list contains all my essential apps for Linux Mint.

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Best Online Dating Sites & Apps

These are the 10 best online dating sites and apps

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Recently discontinued apps

Well know apps that has been discontinued recently.

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What we use to build AlternativeTo

All the tools, services and so on that we use when we develop AlternativeTo. AlternativeTo is built in ASP.NET using C# and is hosted on Azure. We do use a lot of other services as well and you can read all about them below.

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Download Managers

Download Managers

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1337 }{4xx0r

Software used for 'hacking', privacy, etc.

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The Complete Suite of Programs Needed After New Windows Install [V2.0: Advanced]

My favorite, must-have apps and tools after every fresh Windows installation for both inexperienced and expert users.

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windows apps & utils you'll want after a new install

those apps you want to install everytime you reset a system, at least I do, feel free to suggest other programs and I'll check them out!

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Mac apps

List of all Mac apps

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Linux Graphics

My personal list of graphics applications made or ported to linux (Incomplete)

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Windows improvement

only free, mostly open-source

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Best Traveler Android Apps

Here is our comprehensive guide to 20+ Android apps that every traveler must have (2019 edition) – be sure check them out and they just might be the must-have apps for travelers in the coming year.

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